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Tovia Singer Once More 1) Disproves Protestantism, 2) Thinks He's Disproven Christianity

Debunking Piso Conspiracy as to Numerological Signatures by the Pisos · Judaism Made By Rome? · Tovia Singer Once More 1) Disproves Protestantism, 2) Thinks He's Disproven Christianity

Message for Christians Only! (No Jews or Muslims) -Rabbi Tovia Singer
Tovia Singer | 21 Febr. 2024

Hans Georg Lundahl
0:46 Jesus as per Himself does not need to bring a sinoffering for Himself.

However, any "sacerdos alter Christus" = "priest, other Christ" also needs to offer for his own sins as a human person, when he re-presents His sinoffering the altar.

Problem solved.

Tovia, if your point was this, please consider that your problem is for Protestants only, who claim Jesus' sacrifice is not replicated in any way at all, the guys who pretend that "it is finished" means "paid in full" and henceforth no Christian believing this needs to do anything more to access Christ's salvation. A Catholic or Orthodox or Copt or Armenian will not agree with them

Thank you for fighting Protestantism on our behalf ...!

Russ Russel
Hyper Grace, Transactional Grace is not FORGIVENESS. Christians are never forgiven by a direct relationship with HaShem. You need to understand Sin, Sacrifice and Atonement according to JUDAISM, not Roman Paulinian Theology.🕎⚔️

Hans Georg Lundahl
@russrussel3947 Sorry, but you are wrong.

You are first of all wrong on what the Roman Catholic theology of Grace is, if you think Grace is a kind of "transaction in juridical accounts" according to us. It definitely is much more than that.

Souls in sin are shutting God out from living inside them. Not from being present inside them, upholding them in existence, observing them from the inside, but from living or dwelling in them. Just as a stench of urine and vomits would shut you out from entering a room for a polite visit. Through Grace, God enters the soul and drives out all mortal sin and guilt of sin. Imagine the same room miraculously transformed into smells of thyme and lavendar.

The means by which Jesus offers us Grace is, through obedience, like to that of Isaac, who was His image, He offers God the Father an act of adoration that goes far beyond any of our insults, and therefore earns for those who will accept it the miracle I have just described.

This same sacrifice is bitemporated into each Mass from Calvary, like His Body is bilocated from Heaven into each Mass. The one humanly and visibly celebrating Mass, however, needs to offer it not just for his parish but also for his own sins.

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