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Fascinating Video, Non-Stop Watch First Nineteen Minutes

From Protestant To Catholic To Really Catholic. My Conversion Story
I Miss Christendom | 13 Febr. 2024

19:27 Anti-Catholic accusation: CCC § 283.
Solution : not issued by a real pope.

20:01 Imagine a Catholic who converted in his teens to twenties, i e from reading Umberto Eco at 16 to reception at age 20, had a dad who felt much like your M i L ...

Imagine also, that dad and he convert weren't meeting, the dad was consistently going through third parties ...

21:01 Anything in that way was more like EENS.
I found it really is a thing, and am on the hedge about full Feeneyism, though the late Pope Michael I did not require that.

23:22 I began to leave Lutheranism (having always had a horror of Calvinism) when I found Luther was just as Anti-Catholic as ... Calvin ... JW ... 7DA ... you know what I mean.

The only theoretic reason I had left by 16 to remain Lutheran was "well, weren't Indulgences and the Inquisition a reason to leave?"

The Inquisition was more important, and no, Umberto Eco revealed to me that Albigensians were not Evangelical Christians.

23:53 I found the first 20 or 50 pages of DVC pretty amusing, up to when Teabing opened his mouth.

I never saw the film. At a re-read, I thought the story could be read as the adventure story of a very gullible Sophie Neveu and an as gullible Robert Langdon ... who fell for the schmuck of Teabing, who on top of that turned out to be the villain.

As for the "Holy Blood — Holy Grail" material, it was obviously fake.

I had already been confronted with it at the time of my conversion, reading it over again, along with some Zeitgeist stuff, was really totally a downer, first time, I dropped the book, second time, and I don't think there will be a third, I ploughed on, and found the source for those claims was a blood thirsty crook. Plus, partly, Langdon's academic background and how it is infiltrated by let's say, Antichristian ideologies.

It is true Our Lord could have relatives today, though.

Doesn't mean they should take on the role of replacing Him, obviously.

24:43 I actually defended Bergoglio against Limbaugh.
He couldn't see the difference between Communist and Christian Social, Communist and Distributist, if it was big as a barn at the distance of a yard.

I can't defend him on the "God is not a Demiurge with an Almighty Magic Wand" quote, though. See, not just Trent IV on sensum quem Eccl. "tenuit atque tenet" but also Trent V on Original Sin, first three canons. Theory of Evolution contradicts Catholic dogma. And, knowing how Anti-Catholic some media are and others so eager to find support for their agenda, I waited months before using it against him ...

26:11 I have not been speaking in tongues.
I have defended the idea of a "prayer language" in a general way, like it serves some Protestants like the Rosary serves us, but I have not tried to do it. Nor intend to.

Though that's lost on people who think Tolkien's Quenya is a result of such experiences ... I'm a known Tolkien fan.

28:45 A giant counter proof to that claim is:

  • Christianity has a complete exegesis for the OT (see the walk to Emmaus)
  • it's preserved (Mt 28:16-20 mentions "all things I have commanded you")
  • it's necessary for the OT to be salvific (II Tim 3, the famous passage mis-cited for sufficiency of "Scripture" ...)
  • as the OT is thicker than the NT, it's obviously not in the NT except for snippets (Matthew on a prophecy, John on a law about the Paschal lamb)
  • therefore, it's preserved outside the Bible text QED.

32:15 It was actually "it's supernatural" that made me compare their experience of the speaking in tongues with the rosary and to not condemn it ... but for us, it's the rosary (if I can ever again pronounce "sicut et nos dimittimus" ...)

35:37 You too!

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