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Some Catholics in Paris Think I Spend Too Much Time on the Web

Can the Internet be Saved? | Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P.
Pints With Aquinas | 10 Febr. 2024

The internet is neither saved nor damned.
It's not an individual.

4:56 So far, your misgivings about the internet are a lot about monastic misgivings about speech.

You know that very limited sign language diverse monks, I think friars too, used to have in the Middle Ages and Trappists still have?

You sound a bit like a Trappist arguing laymen should not chat (old sense).

8:35 speaking of barrage

Do you know some homeless people face a barrage of misunderstanding where they are seen as homeless?

I have increased my use of the internet since facing one in a street where I am allowed to leave my luggage most of the years since first Lockdown.

One possible escape is seeking the company of other homeless, who presumably are not prejudiced against you because you are homeless.

But what if some are prejudiced because you are not a heavy drinker, some because you are not seeking employment, some because you are not Atheist, some because you are not "Jews first, everytime" (I just mentioned Messieurs Herzog, Netanyahu and Leonid Radvinsky giving philojudaeic leanings a hard time, so I honestly can't be) ...

To me, other homeless would in effect be another barrage, and sometimes they have been employed for what I face on the internet.

10:28 If I show off how many readers I have, it's because I want to be able to tell editors "no, Sir, I am not writing for no one, my blogs are being read" ..

Now, if I actually HAD a publisher (that's what "éditeur" basically means in French, excuses for the Gallicism) I could have an income, and I could have an apartment, and I could have real friends with real totally offline conversations in that apartment.

I don't see ten Muslims per morning asking "how are you?" and one of them offering you a meal a bit too early for a fast day so that you can't go on begging as long as you intended without risking a no fast day (happened today anyway) as a way of spending company time together.

11:40 When you speak of groups speaking about the articles, I begin to suspect that some "Catholic" parishioners where I am are making this the only kind of OK reading of my blogs -- the one agreed to be for discussion in groups.

Obviously, that reduces my possibility to be heard, increases the possibilities of the pastoral to "defuse" anything they deem Anticatholic, even if it isn't (like YEC and Geocentrism and these being per se obligatory Catholic truths, see the five kinds of truth William of Ockham in Dialogue part 1, book 2, chapter 5 considers in and of themselves obliging), and also decreases the spontaneous enjoyment they could otherwise bring to some and therefore decreases the possibility of my getting a publisher.

In other words, a Parish is basically depriving me of buying and selling, because I refuse to take its mark, in ways that I deem contrary to the Catholicism of all centuries.

It is at the same time hindering both marriage and abstinence from meats, and the frustration that big protein consumption and small opportunity for even unintentional sexual pleasure bring me are used to show I am not at peace with myself, probably not with God either. Ergo, another "reason" to continue the same process with even more intensity. Which to me seems to argue a seared conscience.

11:55 "real relationships"

Like what the Church of Paris is depriving me of?

Not through my use of the internet, but as a systematic punishment for it.

13:00 I feel spotted out by Paris Catholics in ways reminiscent of the subject of this video:

EUGENICS, A New Old Idea w/ Fr. Michael Baggot
Pints With Aquinas | 15 Febr. 2024

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