Friday, February 23, 2024

Mike Winger Has His Issues, As Noted by Reason and Theology

Mike Winger Foolishly Mocks the Saints #pope #catholic


Hans-Georg Lundahl
Sts Symeon Stylites and Genevieve of Paris (or of Nanterre, where she was born) had visio conferences by miracle, like later Sts Clare and Francis of Assisi.

It's thanks to Sts Symeon Stylites and Genevieve that France and generally the West exists.

It's thanks to them that the Roman world didn't continue in a rut much like the Putin version of Russia or fall down as prey to Arian invaders in the West.

The FP is clearly merited.


Ave Maria
That's what you call a lack of education.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
to be deep in history is to be Catholic
to be shallow in history is to remain outside, unless you're cradle Catholic, apparently


Joshua Young
Idk anything about pillar saints. But wouldn’t this logic lead Mike Winger to have to also say fasting is stupid because it’s intentional suffering for God?😂

Reason & Theology

James Mcphillips
It is


Mar Maroun or St. Maron did that, he would go up to the mountain and stand their with his arms open for very long periods in repentance for sinners.
Now he is the only saint in the world who has a sect that carries his name.. the maronites that are mainly in Lebanon now although he was from Syria

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Not sure one should refer to Maronites as a sect ... they are one of the Rites of the Catholic Church (like Latin, Byzantine etc).


Michael Bottorff II
I'm with Mike on this one. These public displays seem to directly defy Jesus's warnings against self-righteous displays of prayer and fasting from Matt 6:5-18.

James Adams
Oh yeah, when I want to look good and preen in front of my peers, this is precisely what I do. Get a grip...

Michael Bottorff II
@jasmadams Why do you harden your heart to the Words of our Lord?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
The pillar saint is living so far from the public, even with "public display" he can't possibly enjoy honours given him.

No Pharisee (they were what Jesus talked about!) was ever a pillar saint.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@michaelbottorffii4913 Your misuse of Our Lord's word is NOT the word of God.


Tom Gjokaj
Poor Mike, just wings it

Reason & Theology

Harley Mann
Wing-ding is more than a font on our computers 🤣


Just making God looks weird to everybody else while in truth its only in Protestants people like them but for us Catholic we respect and honor them. 🙄🙄🙄

Hans-Georg Lundahl


Isn’t this considered asceticism?

Reason & Theology

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Yes, and it's the original Greek word for St. Paul's words about athletes!

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