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Eitan and Moti on Davidic Lineage "objection"

Is Jesus really NOT a descendant of the line of David as the Rabbis claim?!?
ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry | 18.III.2018

Two genealogies.

Matthew 1:[16] And Jacob begot Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

Luke 3:[23] And Jesus himself was beginning about the age of thirty years; being (as it was supposed) the son of Joseph, who was of Heli, who was of Mathat,

Here is how bishop Challoner - an English bishop serving English Catholics from France - reconciles this:

[23] "Who was of Heli": St. Joseph, who by nature was the son of Jacob, (St. Matt. 1. 16,) in the account of the law, was son of Heli. For Heli and Jacob were brothers, by the same mother; and Heli, who was the elder, dying without issue, Jacob, as the law directed, married his widow: in consequence of such marriage, his son Joseph was reputed in the law the son of Heli.

This could also be a solution about Jehoiachim and Zerubbabel.

Zerubbabel could be grandson of Jehoiachim after the flesh, but of some other Davidic line after the law, and therefore not under the curse. Just a speculation.

Ah, here we have an indication. Zorubabel has an occurrence in each genealogy, along with his father Salathiel:

Matthew 1:[12] And after the transmigration of Babylon, Jechonias begot Salathiel. And Salathiel begot Zorobabel.

This is the physical lineage ... now :

Luke 3 [27] Who was of Joanna, who was of Reza, who was of Zorobabel, who was of Salathiel, who was of Neri,

So, Salathiel could also be exempt from the curse because in law he was the son of Neri.

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