Saturday, March 17, 2018

Some Non-Catholics have the Perfidy of Approving of Abortion

Francis Gives Medal Of Honor To Dutch Pro-Abortion Activist Lilianne Ploumen | Ajoutée le 16 mars 2018

It seems he is targetting Chestertonians.

The exact same medallion (except it isn't when Bergoglio is no true successor of Pius XI), or actually one higher, was given to Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

He was, for real, Knight Commander with Star

Liliane Ploumen is, for fake, Dame Commander.

But of same general distinction. What a horror. G. K. Chesterton had a horror of people not just aborting, but even using contraceptives, in order to keep up a pleasant life (notably, going to cinema).

His point of view is, if you have a child, you don't need cinema, the child will provide entertainment for free (ok, you have to feed it with money presumably not given to cinema)...

So, Bergoglio is insulting the memory of Chesterton.

Ploumen quote at 0:43 is so Soros ...

Here is how a not quite Chesterton of our days deals with him:

George Soros EXPOSED (or, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”)
March 5, 2018 by Mark Shea

Reminds me, I have this one as yet not answered.

"Yeah, Soros is wrong about abortion like every other lefty. But then, he’s Jewish, not Catholic, and his tradition has never taught him to believe what the Church teaches."

In other words, there are some occasions for the prayer Oremus et pro perfidis Iudaeis in this quote.

1:58 I am reminded of how "Pope Francis" once said, sth like "while abortion is murder, this doesn't mean you should shoot an abortionist in his leg" ... in the light of what Mark Shea brought up, this could be the bad influence from his friend Rabbi Skorka.

with words by Dimond Brothers to appropriate image:

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