Thursday, March 8, 2018

... on How I Became a Fascist

... on How I Became a Fascist · ... on How I Became a Fascist, Continued

How did you become a fascist?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Self Employed at Writer and Composer
Answered just now
I read Alexander Ramati’s The Assisi Underground and found out Italian Fascism in the early days was rather pro-Jewish.

Jews had honourably helped to beat the Reds during the Biennio Rosso, and done so as Blackshirts. The mayor of Assisi had not forgotten.

I then went to a stand about EU scepticism. It was in 1993 or 1994, when we were doing our referendum. One of those exposing was a more Marxist version of Social Democrats. He united the cause of EU scepticism with a poster for “CLASS STRUGGLE”.

I told him: “Not class struggle, harmony between the classes”
He told me: “Harmony between classes is fascism”
I told him: “Then I am fascist”

And I was fine with it. I was already pro-Franco, especially for saving the Church from Red Terror, but also for his Diplomats collaborating with Raul Wallenberg, with Ashkenazim going to Sweden and Sephardic Jews going to Spain, because Franco opened Spain to return of Jews speaking Judeo-Spanish or having the key to a house in Spain.

Now I also widened my heart to Mussolini - obviously, as before 1938, when the fairly infamous Carta della Razza was promulgated. I am especially proud of his support for Franco in Spain (with Hitler) and for his defense of Austria (against Hitler). Rather less so of the Ethiopian War, but the Ethiopian Venture was a heritage from Liberal period of Kingdom of Italy. It seems one of his officers in Ethiopia was revoked because he was racialist, and then, when back in Italy, unfortunately influenced Mussolini to accept racialism. He was a freemason.

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