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Abusing the N-Word (Also featuring Slovenians and Austrofascism)

No, not the one relating to black people. I mean the one relating to certain white supremacists.

Svoboda govora/Freedom of speech - US vs Europe (w/ eng subs)
Barbara4u2c | Ajoutée le 20 mars 2018

[context on video : she speaks of people calling her a Nazi]

Hans-Georg Lundahl
You know, Austrofascism was not always totally congenial with Slovenians.

Some villages which had voted Austria over SHS Kraljevina were not allowed to have street signs in Slovenian as well as German.

Sad, I prefer the solution Mannerheim had between Swedish and Finnish in Finland.

But apart from that, I am an Austrofascist. Do you know what I have been called on FB?

Guess ...

OK, you can look now:

HGL's F.B. writings : I am NOT a National Socialist, But Some Take me For That

After Anschluss, Schuschnigg was soon in house arrest and during war he was in Dachau.

So, me liking Kurt von Schuschnigg (same politician the von Trapp Family Singers would have voted) makes me a National Socialist exactly how?

That said, I do think I owe them the respect to more often say National Socialist than Nazi, since in Sweden they have been doing some good work over free speech.

Speaking of throwing a fit ...

HGL's F.B. writings : Matthew Hunt Tries to Ban my Previous Post and Starts Explaining Michelson Morly

Kristjan Matelic
If you think about it logically.. Slovenians were living on Austrian land at least 200-300 years longer then german speakers did, so why wouldn't they have the right to speak their own language and practice their ancestral culture?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I don't know if you happen to know of one Woodrow Wilson.

He had the idea to dismantle German and even more Austro-Hungarian Empire after national borders.

His problem was, nations overlapped. His asset was, he was among those winning WW-I.

His proposed solution, which was carried out, was, along nation borders referenda were held, and some Slovenians voted rather Austria than Kraljevina.

It would, as I have already said, have been better if everyone had the right to use their own language as in Austro-Hungarian times.

But German was more persecuted in Sudets than Slovenian ever was under Austrofascism. I don't know the status of German in the Kraljevina, but I guess it was low.

Kristjan Matelic
I think people were voting to remain under Austrian rule or go under Serbian rule... not really to join Slovenian state that did not exist in any shape or form at the time. I'm also sure church played a crucial role with a propaganda against orthodox Serbs... After the wars Slavs didn't want to be associated with Germans and I know somebody whose grandfather changed their surname from Weber to Veber, so it would not apear German, but after Yugoslavia breakup her father would change it back to Weber and I think that is great.. Respect to all our forefathers.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I agree.

Kristjan Matelic, I hope you don't mind this was reblogged:

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Abusing the N-Word (Also featuring Slovenians and Austrofascism)

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I can relate.

I write more often in French than in Swedish, and more often in English than in French.

And German even less often than Swedish, though both are my childhood languages.

I'll try to get where I can hear the Slovenian, now I have read the subtitles, perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I'll have to take another place, the sound and image quality are low on this library.

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