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Suspecting Lesefrüchte

Just after writing the title, I see the postnumber, it involves four consecutive 9, and in German that would be a homophone of "nein" as in "no".

Mark Taylor's Vatican Prophecy Decoded
thirdeaglebooks | 23.III.2018

Discussing details in the purported prophecy of Mark Taylor, as given by William Tapley.

3:25 "he and the Vatican have been involved in for centuries"

Grammatically this means "he"="the Pope" and "the Vatican" have been involved in corruption for centuries.

In this sentence, you cannot limit "he" to "Pope Francis" very well, since Bergoglio cannot have been involved in corruption for centuries in his own person.

4:24 At the very least this involves Vatican being "headquarters" of some Satanic cult.

[Meaning, the words involve words of this being so. Not meaning there is a real fact, ongoing for centuries.]

5:57 "deep", "dark", "deception"

A fairly obvious echo from Simon and Garfunkel:

A winter's day
In a deep and dark

Why is an echo from Simon and Garfunkel important?

There are two kinds of false but not faked prophecy. We exclude the faked from scratch, that is a totally different story. But in non-divine prophecy, subjectively such, there is the natural and there is the Satanic.

Rev Anders Piltz was once my Latin docent and Father Confessor (OP Tert), and he wanted to convince me St Bridget's prophecy contained also natural things not from God, one item being "Lesefrüchte" - echoes from her reading. He thought that the call for a Swedish king to go on a Crusade against the "Pagans of Novgorod" was an echo (and an erroneous one) of an ideology in which Russian Schismatics were "pagans".

In fact, this was about a century after Alexander Nevski beating Teutonic Order who had such an idea, and in the meantime, the Tatars he had called in were Pagans. They were also honoured as overlords in manners which at least William Tell would have found idolatrous in the case of what Gessler ordered (note, I am very pro-Habsburg, I hope the Habsburg's were not aware of what Gessler was asking).

So, Rev Piltz considered that St Bridget was giving Lesefrüchte, I consider that on linguistic questions about the pre-Babel world Anne Katherine Emmerich could have been doing so, note well, I consider her Blessed, but do not think she should be canonised. And I can't help wondering how much in Mark Taylor's purported prophecy could be such.

Obviously, some Protestants claim, since a very long time, that Popes have been conducting a Satanic death cult below the visible parts of the Vatican, for all centuries since Constantine, basically. Equally obviously, I think they are wrong.

"in non-divine prophecy, subjectively such,"

Clarification : subjectively prophecy, not subjectively non-divine, of course!

10:20 I am a great admirer of Polish clergy!

Hymn Polski HQ (Stereo)
Gordon218 | 21.III.2008

As you mentioned Germany, let's not forget Austria is historically one of the Germanies (ein zweites aber besseres deutsches Land, as Dollfuss said in polemics against Hitler), and some bishops in for instance Kazakhstan hailing from Austria are also against Amoris Laetitia.

Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser
Monomah1389 | 20.VII.2010

(Note, this is not the text of von Fallersleben, but the original text from Napoleonic wars).

11:19 Suppposing Mark Taylor's prophecy could be genuine, the "all roads lead to Rome" would imply a geographic inversion for Polish clergy of the route outlined for Dombrowski in that song ...

12:31 I am not sure if you took the line between Jerusalem and Vatican on a flat map or on a globe.

But supposing you are correct, Crete could involve some finds which confirm my theory, taken over from a French linguist who no longer publically supports it, that Linear A language was proto-Aryan - very connected to Avestan Persian and even more perhaps to Vedic Sanscrit.

It would perhaps show some guys in the Vatican that my theories challenging mainstream consensus is not due to hash fumes, but due to right reason ...

I went to look at coordinates to calculate the exact midspot between Vatican and Jerusalem.

41° 54′ 08″ N, 12° 27′ 12″ E - Vatican
31° 47′ 00″ nord, 35° 13′ 00″ est - Jérusalem

2210' 34"
36 ° 50' 34" N

2860 ' 12"
1430 ' 06"

23 ° 50 ' 06" E

36 ° 50' 34" N, 23 ° 50 ' 06" E = ?

That is just West of a small island not far from the Greek island of Antimilos.

I wonder if there could be a sunken reef there ...

It's between Sifnos and Limin Ieraka ...

In the Cyclades ...

Venting a bit about my own situation, as compared to William Tapley's words about Mark Taylor and to the readers.

As you say Mark Taylor is interpreting his own prophecy, and prophets are not good at that ...

  • 1) that is injurious to prophecy
  • 2) and just in case anyone thought of applying it to me, I do not pretend to be a prophet.

I pretend to be someone good at interpreting, specifically if written in Medieval Latin, but I do NOT claim to be a prophet.

One little suspicion on why I am, with 6000 + blog posts, not just dialogues, where other people's intellectual property is concerned, but mainly essays, still poor, still not supported by my writing in print, is, some real crook in the Vatican can have pretended I am or could be a prophet, and so, let's check if I follow schedual for a prophet.

When I say that in Supplementum Q 58 A 5 St Thomas Aquinas says that boys may marry from age 14 and girls from age 12, that is not prophecy, that is learning.

When I say that the modern legislations are bad for teens who get to be sexually excited but still blocked from marriage, that is also not prophecy. It is a simple application of I Cor 7:9.

When I say the reasons for which marital age was raised are bad ones, that also is not prophecy, that is simply respect for the Church having the 14/12 limit all those centuries, and for Spain, the most Catholic country, preserving this as secular legislation as late as 108 years ago.

So, just in case anyone and I mean ever instructed you to treat me with caution, since someone wants to check if I am a prophet or someone wants to interpret "my prophecies" behind my back (because I am supposedly not good at interpreting my own prophecy), well, since I am not a prophet, consider such a man as a crook.

Obviously, this is just one little theory of why my writings are still unprinted, but I think one which could be the true one.

Some guys in Sweden, a very secularised country, are so unused to people having a certainty of the faith being true, that they go off a hook (or whatever the saying is) and conclude "he has to be having visions".

13:14 as you speak of donations, how about helping to print my work?

You are not the only intellectual underpaid by readers, and since I can't pester all readers all the time about it, the best way is to get some texts from the blogs to the printed page.

This is what I deal with in writing from a borrowed computer, at times:

New blog on the kid : Harcèlements à la BU


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Along the line, three times closer to midpoint than to Vatican or Jerusalem:

38 ° 06 ' 27.5 " N 20 ° 59 ' 22.5 " E

35 ° 34 ' 40.5 " N 26 ° 40 ' 49.5 " E

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Former : also in the sea, between Kefalonia, Planos and Peloponesos.
Latter : also in the sea, NE of Crete

To obtain this, I have approximated the former as 38 ° N, 21 ° E and the latter as 35.5 ° N, 26.6 ° E