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In Response to a Generally Good two part Video against Racism

Racism, Slavery and opposition to interracial marriage condemned by popes 1/2 | 2.XII.2018

3:51 When St Thomas Aquinas said most Catholics are probably saved, Western Christians very rarely had slaves.

When St Alfons or Grignon de Montfort (I forget which one unless it was both) affirmed even of Catholics few are saved, many Catholic countries (including Spain to which Naples belonged and obviously including France) owned, not in the homeland but in colonies, slaves.

Do you think In plurimis can give a hint about why fewer Catholics were saved in the days of St Alfons than of St Thomas?

Obviously Lenten fast was also more lenient by then ....

8:47 As I saw you have a video on Freemasonry, wasn't the Racist organisation KKK founded by Albert Pike, notorious FM?

@ end, while agreeing with Action française on much, I suppose not just "politique d'abord" but also the racism may have been one reason why it was condemned?

(Obviously, I do respect the condemnation).

Racism, Slavery and opposition to interracial marriage condemned by popes 2/2 | 2.XII.2018

2:28 "if you are still bogged down by racial conflict etc"

Depends on why one is.

If you are basically persecuted - as a writer, not directly as a homeless person - by people who unite about being antiracist and condemning your blogs as racist without even reading them, I think you have a reason to say "I have some bad experience with X" or "with Y".

Now, my blogs on blogger, it would be very easy to check and to see if I was. The 6000 + articles are divided in 40 blogs, which alone makes at least some of the blogs more easy to overview even by simply going through the articles, but not just that, each of them also has a search bar. In the search bar you can search for key words. Even key phrases - unless you misspell even one word, it doesn't work as on google, no approximates are offered.

This involves what I found when searching "Soros" on one of my blogs:

New blog on the kid : Have I Said Sth Wrong about Soros?

If black people in France were truly concerned with my wellbeing as homeless, they could also be concerned with my work as a writer and not boycott it on a simple infounded rumour I was racist, just as Jews would have no need to resort to saying I demonise Soros and consider him an illuminato, when all I have said is, as he's pro-abortion, his media ownership is not likely to favour articles about Creationism and that is the kind of media ownership you get for most media.

3:33 It was also not condemned that a 47 year old could marry a 14 year old.

I think the parents of St Francis of Sales had a 40 year age difference or sth. She also married him when she was 14, canonic age being 12 but customary one in Savoy being 14.

4:20 Did the Church condemn all slavery or just slave hunting, hunting down innocent and free men to make them slaves for gain?

The latter I am very sure the Church has condemned, no problem.

Also, while Pope Pius IX said "there are some legal/licit titles to slavery" note that while these may often have coincided with black skin (as in the case of those who were born as slaves on the farm General Lee inherited, being born of parents who are slaves to a person would make you too his slave), being of black skin was not in and of itself one of these titles, very obviously.

And obviously, while Robert E. Lee did not owe his slaves freedom, the Church has definitely encouraged that kind of step more than Calvinism has - despite Robert E. Lee being a Calvinist.

5:08 The actual previous sentence which was among the inhuman and wicked doctrines was this one:

"Nor did they hesitate to assert that the slave class was very inferior to the freemen both in intelligence and perfection of bodily development, and therefore that slaves, as things wanting in reason and sense, ought in all things to be the instruments of the will, however rash and unworthy, of their masters."

This is very different from just saying "races differ in intelligence and in bodily perfection".

That was what the racialist trad had said.

I would say, in intelligence black people have a great shrewdness about living together, and if there were a concept like "Social EQ" I'd hand them the palm on that one. But they are also indifferent to abstract speculation about things like truth, more often than not - at least with someone they suspect (even unjustly) of being a racist.

I would not have said this 13 years ago, perhaps not even 10 years ago.

But meanwhile, it has happened to me a bit too often, when I was begging and holding a URL of some blog on the cardboard (for both benefactors and curious, a bit like a street singer sings for both benefactors and curious), that white people avoided going near me, a black person finally came up with money or food, I offered some reading and the black person answered "no thanks". And even a bit curtly ... as if the fact I was homeless argued an inferiority of body and mind in me, or even a vast one ... or as if they had heard of me being "racist" (from a Muslim considering I would have abandoned Trinity unless I was racist or alcoholic, from a Pentecostal or similar who considered I would have ditched Papacy and Hail Mary's if I weren't racist and so on, or even from a Marxist), arranged with the whites to have them avoid the "racist" and then at last shown that the humanity came from a black person.

Humanity to a homeless ignoring the humanity to the writer ... if they really thought I were racist, they should try to prove it and get me in gaol for it. Each of my blogs has a search bar, in each blog they can look for the word "black" or "noir", "blacks" and "noirs" or words like "negro" or "nègre", and also words like "Africa" or "Afrique" or "l'Afrique". If they did, they would quickly know I am no racialist. But some prefer not knowing that.

What I have said about blacks and slavery is, blacks chased blacks in Africa and white men sometimes bought them, presuming (at least those better informed on moral theology) that the slave had been caught in a just war, and taking the slaves to the colonies. I have also said, in French Louisiana a black slave had better chances to get free than in neighbouring originally English colonies, and also that the time which was worst for slaves in Louisiana was the time of Louis XV, perhaps especially the Regency - which is when "Enlightenment" divorced politics most from Catholicism.

These things are motive enough for some to stamp me as a racist, while sometimes trads who are and who go beyond just saying "races differ in intelligence and in bodily perfection" will stamp me as naïve or leftist because I oppose that "beyond".

6:22 Yes, thank you, some blacks are racist too.

Like the Kemetists who would think their favourite proof of my not being a racist would be to ditch Catholicism and worship Maat ... or in some cases even Enki.

7:02 "many of them can never get over the fact that they are Jewish"

I am not a Jewish convert, and I am not allowed to get over the fact that I am partly Jewish in ancestry. Jews make one intrigue here, to get me off Catholicism and Fascism before accepting I am a writer, and some trads consider the fact I insist on being a writer as me not "getting over the fact I am Jewish" ... when in fact C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, G. K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc are my favourite writers, I could not get myself to read Isaac Bashevi Singer despite him being on the bookshelf and I dislike Isaac Asimov, which the Jews involved in my situation would prefer me to prefer.

Obviously, it has never been the habit of the Church to force Jewish converts to prove again and again and again they are not stuck in Judaism on "oh, you want to marry, is that because Jews despise celibates" or "oh, you want to be an intellectual, is that because Jews despise hard work" and so on.

And since I have never been circumcised, never made a Bar Mitsvah, spent only one or two years of my preteens as intending to keep the kashroot as a Christian (Hebrew roots style) and this only before my baptism, it doesn't make sense to even ask me to walk around the ghetto while the synagogue poors rancid oil over me, as they used to do with converts. Much less a kind of over and over and over again having to prove the same thing by excessive sacrifices.

No, I don't despise hard work. I do however very much despise trying to force me into hard work I can't do for educational and character building purposes and in trying to do so systematically ignoring the white collar work, if you call it that, which I most definitely can do.

8:22 "only reason"

Not quite. St Augustine says Hebrews kept the original language because they resisted collaborating on the Tower of Babel.

This means, God blessed the Jewish people because they descend from shirkers.

Someone resumed Genesis, "how to be a complete bum and still have God's blessing" and I think this is fairly good as far as it goes. According to a certain Protestant evaluation of what "complete bum" means, of course.

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