Saturday, March 10, 2018

On Catholic Conversion

From an upcoming convert:

WHY I'M BECOMING CATHOLIC (From an Ex-Protestant)
LizziesAnswers | Ajoutée le 17 févr. 2018

From a convert decades ago in response to some points:

3:38 "I'm not saying that the 1st century Church had priests ..."

You should. Christ elected 12 men to be His first priests:

Also on my blog:

(Last 24 hours, most readers were UK or France, it could use some more from US, right?)

9:02 I saw that very thick volume called "Upon This Rock" - here is a somewhat shorter meditation on same words:

9:52 When I reverted from Orthodoxy, I was actually taking Mt 16:19 in consideration.

A certain bishop of that Church (I read him, didn't hear him) was promoting a reading of Mt 16:16-18 as if "no, Peter wasn't the rock" and I wondered "well, what about v 19?"

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