Wednesday, March 21, 2018

John Lennox on Stephen Hawking (I comment on about first half)

John Lennox Reflects on Stephen Hawking's Life & Beliefs
Fixed Point Foundation | Ajoutée le 15 mars 2018

"I know Stephen Hawking well enough to know that he's read very little philosophy and even less theology, so I don't think we should attach any weight to his views on this topic"
8:05 - 8:19

I can just say, hear, hear!

"his whole book is about the philosophy of science and to begin it with the statement that philosophy is dead is not only shooting himself in the foot and shooting himself in the brain"
10:00 - 10:14

[I recall Lennox was talking about The Grand Design (co-authored with Leonard Mlodinow) (2010)]

15:06 Did Henry ever drive a T-Ford?

Note a driver is not a combustion engine, but the combustion engine doesn't just need an inventor in the past, it is built so it only works when someone is driving it.

I like the way the young interviewer put it, namely, it is a category mistake to confuse agency with law.

For instance the law of gravitation as formulated by Newton may indeed more or less accurately describe the agency of gravitational pull : what it does not do is prescribe that gravitational pull is the only relevant agency.

In a football match, some freewilled agencies are interfering with Earth's gravitational pull on the ball and therefore the actual movements of the ball will not illustrate a good graph of purified gravitational pull, most of the time, except when someone drops the ball from his head to the ground in order to shoot a penalty or reenter the ball. As soon as then his feet touch the ball, it is no longer just illustrating the law of gravitation, because it is no longer just under the agency of Earth's gravitational pull.

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