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... on Extra-Biblical Evidence for Young Earth Creationism, Negative and Positive

What evidence do creationists have for their belief system that does not come from the Bible?

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by Jean Dieudonné

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Studied religions as curious parallels and contrasts to Xtian faith since 9, 10?
Answered 1h ago
“What evidence do creationists have for their belief system that does not come from the Bible?”

Well, the Christian beliefsystem of a Catholic Creationist comes from many sources, but the chief ones are Bible and Church Tradition.

The question is about the other ones - and these do not constitute sources for a complete belief system, but for details - one of which would obviously be a Young Earth and that one is much involved in Creationism. I’ll answer for that one.

Positively, we don’t have 4.5 billion, nor even 2 million years of written human history. Also, extra-Biblical and extra-Christian, that is Pagan, versions of early human history seem to agree with ours, and their timelines are around ours. Add salt level of seas if you like. In other words we have evidence pointing to a shorter existence of Earth.

Negatively, contrary to “popular” and “scientific” belief, we do not have a clear cut case for any dating method which would contradict the Biblical chronology.

  • potassium argon is debunked by Mt St Helens and by some NZ volcano
  • dendro has too little material to go back very far
  • C14 can be recalibrated in a creationist sense
  • geostratigraphy can be explained by diverse biotopes
  • distant starlight (actually more for old universe than directly old earth) is moot unless heliocentrism can be proven, which it cannot.

This mass of purported and failed evidence for an old earth and universe is by itself evidence there is sth wrong with the idea and some providence over men has used their waste of talents to tell us that. I am certain it is God.

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