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Quora : "Not Posted Public."

What does "not posted publicly" mean?

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Milena Rakic
Ec.S. Bookkeeping & English as a Foreign Language (2014)
Answered 2h ago
It means that what ever you have shared on any social media is not shared for everyone to see, but it’s meant for the people you chose to see.

For example: FB have those kind of restrictions, they are set by you, and if you chose for some people to see something you posted, at the same time, others can not see the same thing. But, if you chose ‘post publicly’ that’s for everyone to see, not just your friends, but everyone that is not even your friend, can and will see it if it’s publicly shared.

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Hans-Georg Lundahl
2h ago
This is certainly so on FB, and I regularly get offers on updating the default position of sharing everything publically which I share on the wall.

But I got “not posted publically” under my answer without having been given such a choice.

Are you aware your own answer is marked “not posted publically”? I discovered this “not posted publically” first time today and under the post of a friend who arguably had wanted to post publically and when asked did not know what it meant.

Claire-Edith de la Croix
21m ago
Where do you see this?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
4m ago
I saw it under the own answer previously, and still do.

Here near top of this post is a screen shot where it is under another answer of mine:

Phil Stilwell Gets Remedial Philosophy (quora)

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Just now
If you mean under her answer, it is gone, she was able to edit settings.

No, it is there.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Just now
It actually went away as soon as I had voted “helpful”.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Just now
I actually could post my own publically too, by voting “helpful” - check link.


Hans-Georg Lundahl
31m ago
I found a similar tag from a few days ago, and I found I could not edit it when trying.

I had posted it as public, it remained, incorrectly, tagged as “Not posted publicly.”

How about you? Can you change setting of your answer to posted publically?

How should it look when the decision is working? When you decide whether it is public, for friends onl or completely private for your eyes only:

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