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... on Jordan Peterson's view of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the case of two middle aged women : I observe an implication about shrinks

Jordan Peterson - Do these sick, sadistic, satan-worshiping Pedofiles exist?
Dose of Truth | 22.VIII.2018

The funny or not so funny thing about how the two middle aged women, according to Peterson were condemned in a kind of biassed and paranoid witchtrial (note, I am not using "paranoid" in a clinical sense, I am using it in the popular sense, describing the kind of attitude in which suspicion is sufficient proof and you're guilty till proven innocent), is, that about the same thing can be said for quite a lot of the psychiatric diagnoses.

Since "medicine" is there to "help" - no matter how degrading the measures are either in objective cultural values or in the patient's subjective evaluation, it is classified as "help" and not "punishment" - it has no restriction of the type "innocent till proven guilty".

Also, there are other witness evidence about Satanic child abuse, not elicited from three year old children, but from teens, tweens and grown women, who are going into therapy.

Two options : either these witnesses are clearly more trustworthy, or the therapy which they have been going through is clearly a producer of false memories.

I am not sure if you know of a Swedish case. He was condemned for cannibalism and murder, and he was conviced on his confessions. He was sentenced to forensic psychiatry (in Sweden that is a sentence alternative to prison) and after some years or decades, he was cleared of all charges. Apparently, he had suffered some kind of illness giving rise to false memories of self accusation - or, this is my theory about it - the therapy he had been forced to undergo had produced false memories.

The occasion for his release was a trial or series of trials (I think it was only one) in which he confessed to very realistic and concrete details - of which the police knew they were in this or that detail actually false.

Note, his previous confessions had involved details where everything seemed compatible with the rest of the facts, and seemed to imply things he could only know if actually the guilty one.

So, yes, there are perhaps some who are in prison due to "biassed and paranoid witchtrials" like the kind you ascribe to Salem, but that is, if so, not just damning about a conspiracy theory about Satanists, it is also damning about psychiatry.

The trial which released the man was one in which his shrinks had thought that his memories were genuine.

Here is an Aftonbladet article about it:

De skapade ett monster
fre 03 aug 2012

I boken skriver Hannes Råstam att han uppmanade Bergwall att ta chansen nu. Att en gång för alla gå ut och berätta sanningen.

Vid nästa besök började Sture Bergwall berätta.

Han sa att alla hans historier byggdes upp under terapisessionerna på Säters sjukhus, dit han kom 1991. Han märkte att han fick stor respons när han började framkalla barndomsminnen om sexuella övergrepp och hur detta senare gjorde honom själv till en gärningsman.

Ju mer han berättade, desto mer mediciner fick han och ju mer påverkad han var, desto lättare kom orden till honom.

Det första erkännandet var passande nog ett preskriberat brott, mordet på Thomas Blomgren i Växjö 1964.

Under en av sina permissioner till Stockholm hade Thomas Quick gått till stadsbiblioteket och läst gamla tidningsklipp om mordet på mikrofilm. Han tog anteckningar och smugglade med sig utskrifter tillbaka till anstalt­en. Sedan, när han läst på tillräckligt, berättade Quick att det var han som låg bakom mordmysteriet.

Att han i själva verket hade alibi för mordet, eftersom det ägde rum samma datum som han konfirmerades, var fakta som ingen kontrollerade.

He was doing therapy, he relates that he got "big response" on recalling childhood memories of sexual abuse, he invented his first confession on a crime which was already prescribed, so he couldn't get punished, and nobody checked the fact he had a perfect alibi, it was the day on which he was "confirmed" (quotation marks, since Swedish Lutheran Confirmations are not validly the sacrament of Confirmation).

So, we have therapy creating a machine of false confessions, if this is the true version of the story.

I'd have guessed, even false memories - I did not read the quoted article back when reading of this in the news.

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