Monday, March 12, 2018

Quora : Question Edited to Disagree with Answers

Where did the heir apparent or crown Prince sat by the throne?

Two answers

Ph.D Middle Ages & Age of Sail, Leiden University (1996)
Answered 3h ago
In the middle ages kings usually ate bread, fruits and oats as breakfast and 3 fish or meat dishes with either some wine or ale.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Just now
It seems you also took “Where did the heir apparent or crown Prince sat by the throne?” for “What did royalty and other nobles in Middle Ages and Renaissance eat for breakfast?”

Hans-Georg Lundahl
History buff since childhood. CSL & Eco added to Medieval lore. + Classics.
Answered 5h ago
In Scotland, I would wager porridge with salt …

No, seriously, there are two answers possible as to guesswork, namely:

  • same things as other people
  • the luxury move of eating hot meals at breakfast time.

THEN we have the non-guesswork possibility, getting documents, those I have not. Sorry for garrulity!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
2m ago
It seems the answer was to a question other than the one now visible, questioner has edited.

Or, I was posting answer under wrong question … and missing the right one.

[It seems the other answer showed this was not the case.]

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