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Anti-Malthusianism (Good) + Socialism (Bad) = Finally Disagreeing with the Video

Adam Conover Promotes Some Bad Policies - But Reminds of Some Good Ones · Anti-Malthusianism (Good) + Socialism (Bad) = Finally Disagreeing with the Video

But agreeing some with it at first.

Why Overpopulation is Actually a Problem
Our Changing Climate, 13 Jan. 2023

2:50 It may be mentioned, Mussolini had no eugenics prior to 1937, with the Carta della Razza, that is, for most of his régime.

Hitler, by contrast, went right at it in early 1934 - a few months after his Machtübernahme.

It may also be mentioned, states of the US, the Canada and the Nordic Countries, not just Sweden and Norway but even Denmark and Finland were into eugenics for up into the 70's without any Fascism or especially Dictatorship. But with very severe tyranny against certain people concerned.

9:31 This résumé is a very good one for why I am out of touch with the current far-right.

I believe immigration + lower fertility of indigenous causes too rapid a population change, which is a societal hasard. BUT a lesser one than an over-aging society, and I always claim the number 1 solution is indigenous Europeans starting to get more children rather than complaining of immigrants having more than they do.

This might not sit so well with the current far-right.

It is also too close to it to suit some anti-racists, for which European indigenous population decline is a boon because it necessitates and therefore facilitates large numbers of immigrants.

10:54 Yes, those things were indeed evil. Lyndon Johnson and Indhira Gandhi are in Hell.

12:32 Michael Moore made Bowling for Columbine?

The biassed documentary in which the shooting was put down to too accessible guns, rather than misery in school, where attendance was, if not legally, at least societally obligatory.

A bad man.

14:56 Expanding access to family planning is very far from essential, it is a threat to indigenous populations in their proportion to immigrants, fuelling Christ-Church shooters in response, it's a threat to immigrant communities and their peace, fuelling Islamic terrorism in response, and it is a long term threat to the "imperial periphery" as you put it. Fuelling God knows what in response.

Abortion and contraception should be outlawed world wide and so should sterilisation.

19:22 There is another problem.

In 1900, c. 50 % of the French were farmers and families. They lived and ate where they produced.

In 2022, as per July, France was 65,707,000 people. In 1986 farmers and farm workers were 7.7 % of the population, it might be even lower now, I didn't read the wiki very thoroughly. That's very much fewer who live where their food grows, very much more transport.

21:45 The Chestertonian solution would not be expropriation, usually, but limits on what property transfers or productions can be used.

A man like Bill Gates should not be able to sell all his assets to one other man, but each company or set of shares in a company to different owners, and ideally even some companies only subdivided into local franchised companies, and a franchise holder.

This might be bad for internet liberties in certain countries, but he has been bad himself, witness the 2009 February shutting down of MSN Groups, from which my group Antimodernism suffered.

But the main thing is the principle, it applies to so much more than internet, when it comes to property concentration.

I think once Ireland was a free state, that kind of measures were used to break up the properties of Anglo-Irish landowners and subdivide land to buyers of Irish extraction. Chesterton lauded the Irish Land League.

22:02 Disagreed.

Socialist Revolution was the extension of climate damaging industrialism in a previously very rural Eastern Europe.

It's what made India and China big polluters.

And it is ineffective against big owners, who can easily change sides, transfer from capitalist to socialist nomenclatura, and vastly unjust against small owners.

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