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Lisa Haven with my Comments

Hide Your Pets!! No Really! These Democrats Just Approved Animal Sacrifice!
Lisa Haven, 12 Jan. 2023

2:44 Since the time when Democrats were "Rome, Rum and Rebellion" (Tammany hall for Irish Catholics, against prohibition, Southrons and not allowing the North to dominate too much after 1865 in the South), they have certainly fallen very far down in the House, except obviously Henry Cuellar from Texas.

I wonder how often it happens that grandparents who are now dead were Democrats for exact same reasons that grandchildren now alive are Republicans.

3:36 There is a very twisted ideology of "responsability" behind abortion.

It goes sth like this - when a baby is "not wanted" this usually means the mother is in circumstances or even the sort of person where taking care of the baby well is a challenge.
Now, this far seems pretty realistic. I said twisted ideology, and that comes in where they continue to say "in such a case it is merciful to save the baby from getting a bad life" ...

A bit like National Socialist medical practitioners argued for T4 (euthanasia).

So the evil man you just cited was saying it hurts the baby to allow it to risk living a bad life.

I wrote a song where the first stanza lampoons this idea .... some took it as serious heartfelt anxiety, when I simply wanted to make this odious ideology as ridiculous and unthinkable as it deserves to be.

4:30 Muslim animal sacrifices, like Old Testament animal sacrifices, are of goats and lambs and perhaps calves.

It's about livestock. Not pets.

Their Eidh al Adha is about celebrating Abraham's sacrifice of Ishmael (like he was the child of promise, like the Bible got it wrong ... na, not convincing me ...)

4:36 Adha has only three sounds. DH = English TH in bathe, while only English TH in bath would be TH in (transliterated) Arabic.

6:29 Hamtramck has 30 + % of Muslim origin.

I think Satanists do very well to keep out of Hamtramck.

Have you heard of the Yazidi? They have a somewhat quirky view midway between Abrahamic and Zoroastrian religions, or sth like that. They consider that the angel who rebelled from pride (they call him "Melek Chowsh" - "angel peacock") will be reconciled with God the Creator, and they honour angels, including the "future reconciled one."

Now, we can agree this is bad theology. But I think we can also agree, this is something very different from fullblown Satanism.

Muslims of the area persecute them as "Devil worshippers" .... so, Hamtramck is not the safest place for a Satanist. Those guys prefer being rude to TFP over being so to Muslims.

That said, I don't think the final beast will consist mainly of open Satanists.

7:16 When it comes to traumatising children, I think Muslims are more likely to contribute to that by being over disciplinarian - but Hamtramck Muslims are not from North Africa as I saw a few who were over disciplinarian and who were.

7:47 I think meat factories like those in Chicago are more of animal cruelty than a single animal getting slaughtered pretty quickly (though it takes some time for the bloodflow to kill the animal, same as with Jewish Kosher slaughter).

9:08 In fact, "younger kids" - the idea of pushing up marital age to 18 - 21 was a pretty bad idea of the Progressive Era.

1) Insofar as Kinsey came close to some documenting rather than extrapolate wildly from those agreeing to fill in his polls (which would have disgusted most Christians and lots of other decent people), there was a perversion that came in from teens being barred from marriage.

2) Roe v. Wade came after the Progressive Era. I'm happy about Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, but without lowering marriage age, it's not likely to last. I was a teacher in a rural area of Sweden and knew of a teacher's daughter (in my class) who had been through two abortions by thirteen or the first one by then. Knowing the teacher, I think it unlikely that she had any hope of swaying her dad to raise the child at home.

3) And apart from perversion and abortion, there is risk taking, like some girls who went into Ted Bundy's car were not likely to be totally unswayed by his good looks (according to some, I think he had creepy eyes), and they never came out again. And some boys who decided to try getting sodomised an evening and got AIDS were also likely to have been highly ... impatient ... due to not getting either a marriage or even an engagement.

Thou shall be free
I think marriage is better than roaming the streets and getting diseases or having children outside of wedlock. I think most ppl would rather be told their parents were married at the time of their conception. My parents were eventually separated but I’m Glad to know they were married when I was conceived.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Thou shall be free Absolutely.

That's exactly why I think marriage should both be legally allowed and socially possible at younger dates than now.

9:30 Killing of newborn after failed abortion. Animal sacrifice by Muslims. Allowing younger marriage.

It's not so much "Murder, Arson and Jaywalking" as "Murder, Jaywalking and Jaywalking" ....

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