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Mike Schmitz on The Little Mermaid

The Stories We Tell Our Children Have Consequences
Ascension Presents, 11 Jan. 2023

5:53 I think if you had been around in 304, you might not have considered St. Lucy a martyr.

I wonder if Paschasius was a Jew, or a Catholic with your convictions, or an ex-Catholic. Either way, the name certainly doesn't sound Pagan anymore than Mike.

Well, tough luck, if you had been around in 304 and not considered Lucy a martyr, you would have gone against the Church that Christ founded.

6:49 Your retelling of The Little Mermaid omits a pretty big detail:

"Hun talte med den gamle enke, der siger, at menneske kun lever i få hundrede år, og at de har en udødelig sjæl. Da besluttede hun sig for at blive menneske."

She spoke to an old widow who tells her, men only live a few centuries (?) and they have an immortal soul.

This is not the only story of H. C. Andersen about someone's longing for salvation and it's being denied, at least as the earthly part of the story goes. Jødepigen - the Jewish girl - is about a Jewish girl who hears of Jesus, tries to convert despite her parents, and Denmark forbids her to go against her parents. H. C. A. speculates about her being saved anyway, she couldn't have been expected to go against her parents. That's not exactly what St. Lucy tells us.

So, the thing you consider as narcissism in the story is really about trying to make it to Heaven.

8:36 I think there are more than one person who would:
a) agree with your sentiment in general
b) consider it applies very much to me.

Before you hasten to agree with them (and Paschasius), how about hearing me out.

They consider "fantasy" takes one out of reality simply because it is unrealistic.
They consider CSL and JRRT unrealistic, GKC drunk, Hilaire Belloc close to NS.

And the stories they would like me to read, that on their view would get me into reality - Isaac Asimov, [F]oundation.

Do you know the figure Ari Seldon?
"Ah, they are arresting us right now ... according to my studies in Psychostatistics, there was 93.7 % chance of that" ...

That's the exact kind of guy they would want to make my new role model instead of Aragorn and Gandalf, instead of Rilian and Tirian.

And they would like to have me treated like a child, at age 54, as long as I refuse to that.

For those who think this is paranoia, on my part, take a look at the two most viewed posts for the last 12 months:

deretour : On the Duty of Avoiding Errorists

deretour : Notes on Asimov, Isaac

The former (6000 +) confirms them that I am in an anti-ecumenic sect. The latter (5800 +) confirms them that I read the wrong books, that I am allergic to "reality" as they would term the sham realism about Ari Seldon.

And overall, they consider me as being a narcissist for wanting life my way, rather than their plans for me.

In case you think "no, they are just friendly, interested, readers" - why the lack of comments and why a surge of readers from Germany and Sweden (usually small countries) between 4 and 8 am on the morning of 28.XII.2022, followed by a very sudden plunge in readership and a censorship of two labels?

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