Saturday, January 28, 2023

Aberrations of Modern Morality

BREAKING: Pope Francis Slams Bishops Who Endorsed Anti-sodomy Laws
The John-Henry Westen Channel, 25 Jan. 2023

2:30 "it is indeed a crime"

And according to St. Paul was worthy of being so.

Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.

6:47 I am sorry, but it seems your prayer would involve recognising him as "pope" so, no.

You mentioned laws prohibiting sex between adults and minors.

Let's be clear. Men should not have sex with children but that is not the exact same thing as legal minors.

In St. Thomas day, a man could marry at 14 and a woman at 12. In some countries, including presumably already France, the permission of parents was needed. But for validity, even the parental permission was not needed.

Note, there was no maximum for the age gap.

Note, we see in Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet, presumably based on a real story from Verona, that Juliet was 14. Her mother was a few days before her 14th birthday telling her "you should really be married already" - Romeo on his part was grown enough to have killed a man in a duel. The reason why Juliet's family would not have approved was the killing, not the age gap. Shakespear portrays a Franciscan as willing to bypass the family.

A few years or decades before the Bolsheviks arrived to power, Russia had same age limit as Roman Catholics (14/12). It was then raised to 15/13. The Revolution raised it to 18/18.

A state which already had 18/18 was anticlerical Italy.

The states in US which were raising the age limit at the point were like Progressive Era New York (the state) and California.

Today, many states have higher age limits than they should have.

But what about a more experienced man exploiting a young innocent girl? Well, a noble was in Zalamea executed for just that. He had done it to the mayor's daughter. The mayor or Alcalde had him executed, but for refusing to amend things by marrying the victim. Not for the age gap. Calderón and Lope de Vega wrote each one a play about that event, both plays are entitled "El Alcalde de Zalamea" ...

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