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Father Viganò's Epiphany Sermon with Comments

Whatever one may think of Carlo Maria Viganò's episcopacy, he was certainly validly ordained priest, since in 1968, before the new rituals for the sacrament of orders. I have called him "Viganò" as if recognising neither his priesthood nor his episcopacy, but I looked him up and got clarified, yes, he is certainly a priest.

My comments concern both the computer translation, used by Anthony Stine, and some of the content, but first the video:

Vigano: The Satanic Enemies Of Christ Face Certain Destruction
Return To Tradition, 8.I.2023

Now for the comments:

6:18 Who has nothing to offer but

7:44 "both significantly had preferred to submit to the invader" ...

1) It is somewhat moot whether Rome under Pompey arrived as invited ally against the Greek enemies or as invader;
2) Herod and the high priest, in Jerusalem, where technically not submitting to any invasion, since Judaea was like "zone libre" between 1940 and 1942. Or to vary the metaphor, Judaea was not like Utah after US invaded, but had a status closer to Puerto Rico. When Joseph on account of taxation census went to Bethlehem, he went to a town with no Roman Tax Collector as yet present.
3) I think some commenters have even thought that St. Zacharias was not just a priest, but the high priest in the year when St. John the Baptist was made after the celebration of Yom Kippur. I think one of them is even a Church Father.

Is Viganò copying the thoughts of some Russian Orthodox Ultra-Nationalist who's incompetent about actual history?

8:11 By "leaders of distant nations" - I hope he doesn't mean Putin!

I mean last statistics available, Ukraine was aborting about half as big a portion of pregnancies as Russia. In Russia, abortions aren't performed by specific abortion providers, but by personnel in the gynaecological clinics. Paid by tax money.

Fairyspun Fibers
@Hans-Georg Lundahl

That's ALL you got out of this?!? An unfounded suspicion that Abp. Viganò might be thinking like a fool?!? God help you! 🙏

[my answer to this got deleted, but unfounded is far from the mark]

[here I try again, at least I can document the answer now]

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Fairyspun Fibers If you are not an alias for Anthony Stine, and I don't think you are, and if you did not get youtube to remove the comment by signalling, which you could have, you might profit to know from me that the answer I gave you seems to have been removed.

Here its gist again.

A) I am a lay apologist. Viganò is supposed to be a bishop. He is supposed to know better than I.
B) As Apologist, I have had to research the exact status of Herod the Great in the relevant year. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that "submitting to the invader" is a language that is over the top. Judaea was a protectorate kingdom, not a province. It was not invaded. Herod had his own soldiers. How would he otherwise have perpetrated the killings in Bethlehem?
C) Apart from irritation that a supposed bishop bungles what even I as a layman don't bungle, I find herein an echo of ultranationalists in Russia who speak of "fighting to the last drop against the invader" over either compromise or flight, but cannot fathom fleeing an actual government of the own country - which is what St. Joseph did when going to Egypt. Ultranationalistic reductions of all and any duties in relation to one's country are Putin typical and also by now typical of part of the Western Right Wing.
D) If my guess on Viganò's backdrop to his message is not incorrect, it would not be the first time. Vaccine question already mentioned, or his taking a stance in the Ukraine war from start by believing an anonymous Russian source that was claiming Russians in Donbass were targetted for genocide. Not very probable if you ask me.

8:50 "does not kidnap earthly kingdoms"
Probably usurp is a better translation.

I suppose the Italian has a word like "rob" which means "usurp" when about a kingdom and means "kidnap" when the object is a person.

Automatic translation is not translation.

Any professional translator who does use automatic translation knows he has to correct details that the translation software got wrong, which it inevitably does.

To believe otherwise is to have a superstitious belief in "AI" verging on the childhood induced delusion that mars the intellect of Elon Musk.

9:22 "they are fat and pingy"

Viganò is citing:
Incrassati sunt et impinguati, et praeterierunt sermones meos pessime. Causam viduae non judicaverunt, causam pupilli non direxerunt, et judicium pauperum non judicaverunt.
The Douay-Rheims has:
They are grown gross and fat: and have most wickedly transgressed my words. They have not judged the cause of the widow, they have not managed the cause of the fatherless, they have not judged the judgment of the poor.

Again, you lost by sticking to the google translate. (Or if it was some other software)

"Pingy" isn't in OED online, not sure about Webster's online, and if it's in Urban dictionary that's less inappropriate than being totally unintelligible.

10:13 "afflictions and emergencies of which they are the ruthless architects"

That the Wuhan virus was a lab leak implicates some people, like lab practitioners in Wuhan ... Chinese or international.

It does not necessarily add up to every secular ruler (those include Putin by the way) who used lockdowns being a partner in crime with the lab personnel.

Viganò seems to rely on "inside information" which is unreliable.

I'm not excusing Fauci or Solomon. But the guys involved in presidency need not have been totally involved, and Putin was as involved as others, he did worse to small business than Macron in France.

Now, two comments by Fairyspun, and my answer to the second from top, actually the prior one:

Fairyspun Fibers
Forgot to mention...I find it highly interesting how Abp. Viganò still refers to the "Bergoglian sect"...don't you? I hesitate to say (ino - rare, that!) what that makes me think. I am VERY eager to watch your next video. 😊
God bless Archbishop Viganò, and you and yours, Anthony! 🙏🙏🙏

Fairyspun Fibers
Strong, beautiful words! All thanks be to God for giving us Abp. Viganò! 🙏❤🙏

What do I think of his letter? Well, like all other true Prophets, Abp. Viganò is putting on notice those who think they are in power (and revelling in it), that they can run - but never hide - from the Hand of Justice! I do not rejoice at the thought of anyone going to hell, but that is where those degenerates will go if they don't repent and convert!
The good Abp. "knows things" of which we are not cognizant but in a hazy way.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
He trusts inside sources that are not reliable.

When it came to vaccines, he singled out Western ones over Putin's while Putin's used aborted human fetal tissue to make every individual dose, and Pfizer only used it for a) creating the proteins that were transplanted to bacteria, b) for creating the virus by which they tested the vaccines, still too much, I haven't (knowingly or willingly) taken Pfizer's, but Viganò refrained from condemning Putin's for some reason.

What reason? Well, some of the things he says of the Bergoglian sect may apply to himself too - though his favourite "mighty one" is a different one from "Francis' ".

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