Thursday, January 19, 2023

Candace vs Greta (Candace Fails)

Did Greta Thunberg Really Get Arrested?
Candace Owens Podcast, 19 Jan. 2023

1:20 Why would they not expand the coal mine?
Because it destroys farm land.

2:55 I think the coal mine expanders were asking farmers to give up individual freedoms ... like keeping their land? Or keeping it useful for growing food?

5:40 Someone's saying "don't tell Greta that ..."

[prostitutes in Davos]

Now, did she actually get detained?


Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was released by German police on Tuesday evening after being detained earlier in the day at a protest over the expansion of a coal mine in the western village of Lützerath, police confirmed to CNN on Wednesday.

This is the second time Thunberg has been detained at the site, police spokesperson Christof Hüls told CNN Tuesday. She was part of a large group of protesters that broke through a police barrier and encroached on a coal pit, which authorities have not been able to secure entirely, Hüls said.

After the group advanced on the coal pit, police were concerned that the “masses of protesters” could set the ground in motion after it had been softened by rainfall during the last few days. Officers intervened, removing people from the “danger area” and detaining them, one of whom was Thunberg, according to police.

“We knew who she was, but she did not get VIP treatment,” Hüls said. “She did not resist,” he added.

Thunberg had been the main speaker at the rally on Saturday and had “surprisingly” returned to protest on Sunday when she was detained the first time and then again on Tuesday, he said.

Police said the group detained on Tuesday would be released later in the day, Reuters reported.

If she didn't get any VIP treatment, you have shown her photographers did ...

But the policemen were not paid actors. They did their job, to secure the coal pit from collapsing with dangerous results.

She did hers to denounce coal mines ....

0:37 The fact that she is slightly slit eyed, or almond eyed, as they say for such cases, and you don't expect that for people of the White race types ... could that explain the impression you get of darkness?

Probably simply has some Lapp ancestry.

As you spoke of hypocrisy ... are you aware that the coal mine is built on eviction of legal owners of land?

Clashes* between the activists and police have been ongoing this month, and photos from the protests have shown police wearing riot gear to remove the demonstrators. Some of the protesters have been in Lützerath for more than two years, CNN has previously reported, occupying the homes abandoned by former residents after they were evicted to make way for the mine.

More than 1,000 police officers have been involved in the eviction operation. Most of the village’s buildings have now been cleared and replaced with excavating machines.

My emphasis.

Story from CNN / partly Reuters:

Climate activist Greta Thunberg detained by police in Germany at coal mine protest
Rachel Ramirez et al. CNN Updated 2:56 PM EST, Tue January 17, 2023

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