Monday, January 16, 2023

Some Comment on Harry in Less Congenial Ways

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Harry is DESTROYING HIMSELF says historian Dr David Starkey
GBNews, 9 Jan. 2023

4:43 It seems that to certain people the real or presumed feelings of the British Royal House matter more than the fact that a man was dragged into a duty he hadn't chosen, which (as the title suggests) isn't quite essential, and he didn't get married until 32 and only after seing this "duty" was a burden on his wife did he prefer the duty he had chosen, that to his wife?

5:05 Is Harry making 15 separate charges?

Or is he giving 15 facts of one and the same charge?

Was a certain Prince of Coburg perhaps also a victim of this kind of using family members as pawns?

Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

5:59 Starkey and Farage seem to think people of weaker personality types (never mind what happened to him was weakenING in fact) should prefer the army over family?

Starkey also uses a slur of incest that's totally absurd. Unless "his mother" means "a woman of the character of his mother" - which is a pretty normal thing.

And the disapproval would be a signal that Starkey was not a big fan of Princess Di.

There seems to be one charge against the Royal House : on Harry, they agreed with Starkey, and, unlike Starkey so far, acted on it. In fact, acted on it so early they produced the character.

So far - or better, until very recently.

6:22 Some people cannot arrange for Harry to be ignored by the world.

Others, who as trying to make a living as writers, need attention as a condition for professional success, they can sometimes stifle far better.

On top of that ...

Starkey is an atheist.[63][64] He has described the Catholic Church as being "riddled with corruption".[65] However, he has often defended the right for Christians to hold their beliefs, arguing that they should have the right to their views and penalising them for it is "intolerant, oppressive and tyrannical".[66]

Has he defended the right for Christians to live their beliefs? As to Catholic corruption, yes, some actually act quite a bit like Starkey about Prince Harry - or like Starkey basically expressed he would have liked to act.