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Brian Holdsworth and Myself on Protestants (part II : what Protestants Shouldn't Say to Catholics)

Brian Holdsworth and Myself on Protestants: part I : what Catholics on his view shouldn't say of Protestants · part II : what Protestants Shouldn't Say to Catholics

Stupid Things Protestants Say to Catholics
Brian Holdsworth, 21 Jan. 2023

0:51 We've got it. You speak of the Protestants you have encountered.

3:00 So far, a very excellent exposition over sola Scriptura non in Scriptura et contra Scripturam.

3:23 Not only is Hume's claim not measured mathematically and not by empiric observation, but he is not even following it when rejecting miracles, which like any other history is empirical observation.

3:47 When we say the Church preceded the Bible and caused it to be, correct for the final canon, but if you want it to have truth about the single books, for 46 of them, you need to apply the word "Church" to Edenic, Patriarchal, Jewish Church.

46 books preceded Christ, were simply received by Him and the early Catholic Church, not written by Her.

4:51 Correct as far as it stands, but we believe we do earn our heavenly reward. IF we go to Heaven, IF we die in grace, where in Heaven we go, how close it is to God and how beautiful, depends on what works we did.

Note, this nuance is missed by lots of Protestants who misapply the harvest workers and their equal pay to denying degrees of blessedness.

Hence, the only thing left to earn on that view would be salvation itself.

10:22 You might want to consider coming out of communion with Bergoglio, though ...

But Apoc. 18:4 according to Haydock comment seems to refer to earthly punishments.

Citing which:

Ver. 4. Go out from her, my people. The people of God, the Christians, are all here told to leave the falling city, lest they be partakers of her sins, and receive of her plagues. At the time of Alaric's sacking Rome, many fled away to S. Jerom, who was then in Judea; others fled into other parts, as many holy fathers testify. S. Jerom says, (Ep. vii) that S. Paula and several illustrious Christian families had left Rome as if by particular inspiration, and retired into Judea. The holy pope Innocent was drawn by a particular providence out of the city, as Lot out of Sodom, that he might not see the ruin of a guilty people, says Orosius, lib. 7. c. xxxix. We read likewise that Melania, as if she foresaw the approaching catastrophe, had prevailed upon many Christians to retire with her from a city doomed to destruction. Histor. Laus. c. cxviii. In fine, we all know that when the storm broke out, the Christians took refuge and were saved in the Churches of S. Peter and S. Paul, which Alaric had allowed to be places of safety. A.

Wamba of Ivanhoe
Bergoglio…His name is Pope Francis to Catholics. Only those that disrespect the Pope call him Bergoglio.

Julie Elizabeth
The symbolic "Babylon" narrows it down to either pagan (pre-Christian) Rome, or apostate Jerusalem, not the Catholic Church.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Julie Elizabeth I was not speaking against the Catholic Church, but against the Novus Ordo and Bergoglian sect.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Wamba of Ivanhoe I am not in awe of the "Pope" of the Novus Ordo sect ...

I respect the true Pope who died Aug 2nd last year.

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