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My Work vs Academia

Why is academia so toxic? 6 insider bombshells
Andy Stapleton, 20 Jan. 2022

As an Academic basically up to nearly starting my thesis (and then two terms more), I consider it is pretty toxic against Christians.

Sure, you can do some small thing if you are modest and if you don't use it as a platform for Christianity ... but ...

Hence my preference for a writing carreere - that said, I have nearly 400 000 SEK (40 000 €) in study debt.

4:13 Being first AND sharing information in a non-toxic way - publish your finds on a blog.

The more readers you get, the less likely it is stolen, since the easier it would be to detect the plagiarism. Those who didn't steal it would like to punish the thief.

That said, in Young Earth Creationism, I am more likely to come across people who don't want my find to be available under my name or theirs - since they are of the opposite and Evolutionist persuasion.

So, their excuse for hiding me, pretty perfect among that toxic mentality, is to say "I have to hide it until I publish" - which is rubbish, since the blog already is publishing.

13:49 A good way to increase luck in theoretical subjects (like creationism) is following the debates, like the sometimes most toxic debates on the internet.

It was a debate on a campus where I was just holding a library card, as the homeless scholar I am now, which put me onto recalibrating carbon 14 into Biblical chronology. And I think I finally did it, with very minute details to refine. It begins at the Flood, 2957 BC, carbon dated to 39 000 BP, and ends at the Fall of Troy carbon date as real date 1179 BC.

15:01 My bad luck is people who don't like my results for ideological reasons.

Quite a lot of Academia in carbon dating is very unfond of Creationism.

Quite a lot of Creationism is very unfond of Roman Catholicism or non-Ussher versions of Biblical chronology (as Roman Martyrology for Christmas day is).

My latest results in carbon dating, mentioned above:

Creation vs. Evolution : New Tables

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