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What Does Kwasniewski mean by "Brain Disease" ...

What Does Kwasniewski mean by "Brain Disease" ... · Genuine Beneplenist Conclavism? Or Spoof on Conclavism?

Where do I get the comment about brain disease from? Here:

Is Hyperpapalism a Brain Disease? Peter Kwasniewski Says Yes
Reason & Theology, 29.I.2023

Did Michael Lofton get it from Dr. Peter Kwasniewski? Seems so:

And now, my comments:

20:06 I am reminded of a certain ... George Metallinos and especially his master John ... ah, Romanides.

// John Savvas Romanides (Greek: Ιωάννης Σάββας Ρωμανίδης; 2 March 1927 – 1 November 2001) was a Roman (Ρωμαίος/Ρωμηός) theologian, Eastern Orthodox priest, and scholar who had a distinctive influence on post-war Greek Orthodox theology. //

The wiki seems to have been redacted by someone accepting his equation of Greeks with "Romans" ... which is kind of cute, and it seems Mycenaeans were involved in the late Terramare culture, so it could even be somewhat of a half truth to it.

He considered on a very much less fun issue that everything outside:

  • EOC
  • practised with hesychasm (and absolutely no scholasticism)
  • and involving his canonical jurisdiction's acceptance of Deep Time and Evolution

was a "psychophysical disease" .... I think some Russians inspired by KGB's political psychiatry may be very enthusiastic of this Ρωμανιδισμός.

And sorry, but it seems some right wingers, some trads, are seriously pro-ROC, pro-Putin.

Can this be where Kwasniewski is coming from?

You know how Vigano presented Ukraine's government as being genocidal against Russians of Donbas, or how he condemned (rightly) Pfizer's and Moderna's vaccines for using fetal cells obtained by an abortion to get viruses for initial research and testing, but forgets to mention how Putin's Sputnik V does so for every single dose ... the reason I didn't sign the Bethlehem Declaration.

22:59 I would say, if I accepted Bergoglio as Pope, I'd be with you.

I hold corresponding respect for liturgic and sacramental definitions by Pope Michael, insofar as he held to them. (It may be he dropped a point or two).

Ergo : married men are eligible for priesthood, in the Latin rite on a regular basis, and the last Liturgic books under Pius XII can be used in English and presumably Spanish translations - are so used by Fr. Francis Dominic.

24:10 - I looked up where he publishes.

Sophia Institute. I looked up some affiliates, and they promote* Robert Spitzer, a die-hard Deep Time promoter.

No, Kwasniewski doesn't seem to be in SSPX ... more like the Novus Ordo / Extraordinary Form type of Communion ...

24:27 Now, I certainly do provide content that attacks what you call the Magisterium ... but if SophiaInstitute has wanted to re-publish on paper a post or series of posts of mine that do not do so, I would have taken it - my conditions say "anyone" can republish on paper or otherwise ...

I find it dishonest to try to "starve me" (not really) or more properly keep me in insolvency and debt over a disagreement, by not only not publishing, but also not publishing anything against what I have to say. The "Jewish Gatekeeping"** tactic of "don't give NN oxygen" ...

* Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Fr Spitzer's Wrong on This One - Huge Wrong (Humani Generis Revisited)

** In this case, it's not the Jews who are to blame for it, at the very least they are not sole or main culprits.

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