Monday, January 23, 2023

Therapy - No Thanks

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Maybe Prince Harry's Problem Is Therapy
Candace Owens Podcast, 19 Jan. 2023

I am so glad I am not volunteering for therapy, so far.

If YOU should consider anything I do or say horrible, please take that conversation and I will (usually) not blame my childhood or teens or other situation.

That promise doesn't cover being male and once in a while knitting - in case you think that horrible. I did grow up with too few males to teach woodwork after I got old enough to get good at things.

But normally, as you are not in Paris, you would not be concerned with me knitting, you would be concerned with what I actually say.

One more. I will also blame knowing the Swedish education system too well for knowing better than you where Greta Thunberg's coming from - in case you think that horrible. I will also blame being a patriot and chivalrous to ladies for it. She is a compatriot of mine and a young lady.

7:46 Yes, my granny once gave me a very strong aversion to therapy about that issue.

Her bag had been snatched, by probably an immigrant or immigrants' boy, and she had held on to the bag so long she fell on her face, a fairly old woman.

She went to the police. She was offered therapy. And the therapist told her "we know this didn't happen" - and she refused to go on with that, never went back.

Presumably the therapist had figured it would make granny feel better if she just let go and accepted no one was looking into a case "out of her imagination" - which it was not.

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